Podcasts.Yahoo.com went live today. It'll help you find and listen to podcasts as well as create your own podcasts. Many of my friends in Bangalore are part of the team that created this. Kudos to them for converting a concept to a product launch in an amazing short period! Update : Interestingly, Yahoo! announced this … Continue reading YPodcast

The Louvre

Eric Rougier has a wonderful 3D pic of the Louvre museum in Paris (Quicktime required). You might have read about the Louvre in The Da Vinci Code. Eric has a mind-blowing Panorama section that I check out from time to time. Paris is truly the City of Lights.

Logical art

Rands in Repose has written a thoughtful article "Signs of Art" where he asks "Is software art"? I think I'll answer "Hell yeah". Jason says: The most important thing in software development is motivation. Motivation is local — if you aren’t motivated by what you are working on right now then chances are it’s not … Continue reading Logical art