Maths or Science or… ?

Eugene has an interesting discussion on what students should concentrate on for a career in Computer Science. Yesterday, our department hosted a “preview day” for high school seniors who are considering majoring in computer science here at UNI. During the question-and-answer portion of one session, a student asked, “What courses should we take in ourContinue reading “Maths or Science or… ?”

The Louvre

Eric Rougier has a wonderful 3D pic of the Louvre museum in Paris (Quicktime required). You might have read about the Louvre in The Da Vinci Code. Eric has a mind-blowing Panorama section that I check out from time to time. Paris is truly the City of Lights.

Will the real IIPM please stand up?

Gaurav Sabnis has got a legal threat from IIPM for blogging negatively about the IIPM institute. Details at DesiPundit. I really wonder about the credibility of this institute. How can they teach management to students when they themselves don’t know how to manage criticism? Similarly, Mediaah was shut down 7 months ago, because of aContinue reading “Will the real IIPM please stand up?”

A R Rahman Concert

The A R Rahman New Dimensional Tour came to Bangalore yesterday. ![50721766][Small][] ![50721704][Small][] It rained heavily causing the show to start late by 2 hours. Sivamani played a small display of his amazing drums capabilities that kept the crowd satisfied till Rahman entered the stage. When the show did start, Rahman started off with theContinue reading “A R Rahman Concert”