day 2

Today morning, the first session was a Linux Kernel roadmap by Jonathan Corbet. Although I’ve never been a kernel-level guy, the talk was interesting and he clearly explained how features have been added and improved over the various versions, and how the development process has improved and become more “professional.” ![68649354][Thumbnail][] Then, it was my […]

Sify trouble

I have been happily using Sify Broadband for many months now. Today, they made some changes to their setup, and boom! no more Sify access for me. All that the client says is a “Internal error. Unable to parse the XML.” I called them up and they asked me to upgrade the client from 2.8 […]


Continuing the nostalgia, here are pictures of the shirts that Yashwanth (it was his idea) and myself wore at LB/2003. The name is a bit worn off now. Those numbers you see below the name is the version numbers that we had at that time. 9.0 was Red Hat, 9.2 was Mandrake, 3.0r1 […]

It’s a small utility

When Atul commented about open source being “seen as some kind of ‘hobbyist’ thing” in India, I was reminded of another incident in college. In 6th semester of VTU B.E., we had a DBMS (Database Management Systems) lab. We were supposed to write some software that demonstrates database design, ‘understanding’ of SQL and using databases […]

It doesn’t pay to be honest

Manjunath Shanmugham, an IIM Lucknow graduate, was recently murdered in Uttar Pradesh for trying to expose corrupt petrol pump owners. I am really speechless. Sharad expresses how I feel right now: In today’s world, where do you see this kind of courage and bravery – To say no to someone with a gun, because you […]