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  1. Swaroop,

    Caffeine is NOT good. I have been caffeine addict myself (how can you not be when you work in IT Industry), but it has really messed up my sleep schedule. I have been trying to be caffeine free (no coffeee, no soda) for last 6 months and believe me I feel much better when I get up in morning. I am still not 100% caffeine free but I try to take tea whenever I feel the strong urge to have caffeine. And I think that tea is better option than coffee anyways.

    Good luck!

  2. @JD: My experience has been opposite. I used to slept a lot, and I experienced that coffee improved my sleeping habits.

    Everyday, I have a single cup or max two cups of coffee. Oh well, I have started my deaddiction program already ;-)

  3. That’s what caffeine does! It stimulates your brain so that you don’t fall asleep! But this comes with a side effect. You won’t have a very good sleep after consuming lot of caffeine during the day. Try this. Over the weekend, sleep whenever you feel sleepy and wake up naturally (I mean not using alarms or anything, wake up when your eyes opens). Did you feel refreshed or tired after this sleep? OR do you think you need caffeine to feel refreshed? If you do need caffeine, it means you are addicted and you have entered into caffeine ‘chakravyuha’. Addiction will force you to increase your caffeine intake and very soon, you will have headaches, tiredness and other problems.

    Look up caffeine’s side effects on Internet.


  4. Swaroop, be glad that it didn’t lead to other issues. I developed pretty bad GRD from too much caffine and had to cut back as well. I switched to drinking a couple of water (about 2) a day and it made all the difference. To be honest, I’ve even found myself being far more alert, but that could either be due to good hydration or the fact that I need to relieve the hydration. Your choice. It’s fairly dry around here, so unless you’re living in near desert conditions too, 1 liter is probably enough.

    It took about two months for all the caffine to get flushed from my body. Now, I occassionally have a caffinated beverage (one or two a week) and let me tell you, I can REALLY feel the caffine kick. Far more than I did drinking so much of it.

    Not to sound like an ex-smoker, but I’m glad you’ve cut back.

  5. @JD, @Ankit: Now, I _get_ it.

    @JR: I haven’t had coffee since a week and I can already notice the difference. I feel more sleepy in the mornings as usual, but that’s changing again now. Guess, I am ready to kick the coffee and drink plain old goodness of water.

    Btw, drinking coffee itself was not the problem for me, the doctor advised to avoid coffee/tea in order to not aggravate a different issue.

  6. All that stuff scares me!

    I have been a big time coffee addict myself. I have about 4-5 cups a day.

    I guess I ll have to reduce it bit by bit from now on.

  7. @Nitin: 4-5 cups is really too much. It’s good that this has convinced you to cut down!

    @JD: Thanks for the link, reading it now.

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