Sify trouble

I have been happily using Sify Broadband for many months now. Today, they made some changes to their setup, and boom! no more Sify access for me. All that the client says is a “Internal error. Unable to parse the XML.”

I called them up and they asked me to upgrade the client from 2.8 to 3.0. I said I was on Mac. They said, “Uhhh…. I don’t know, sir. We’ll revert back to you in the morning.”

I switched on my desktop and couldn’t login from Linux using the latest version of their client either. Then, I had to try Windows, the Sify client upgrade worked like a charm and that’s what I’m using right now.

Guess, they can add this to the list.

Damn. I was hoping to get some preparation done for my talk, but I have wasted enough time on this Sify thing, and have to reach Bangalore Palace on time in the morning. See you there.

One thought on “Sify trouble

  1. This happened to me once. It was so damn frustrating. One sudden morning, the Linux client stopped working! While the Windows version went fine!!

    It was later corrected after about 5-6 days!

    Luckily, I am on Airtel now which is a bit costlier but better service and speed ;-)

    OT :I read this article on OREILLY. Although I don’t understand the intricacies of it, but since it concerns your fav language, you would like to read it –

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