Memories of Linux Bangalore 2003

The VTU letter exhorting principals to motivate students to attend is a far cry from my college days, and perhaps even farther from Kalyan’s days. I remember asking our department’s Assistant HOD (I don’t remember his exact designation) whether our semester laboratory internals tests could be postponed so that we can attend the 2003Continue reading “Memories of Linux Bangalore 2003”

13 Virtues

Merlin talks about Benjamin Franklin and the 13 virtues he rigorously pursued with just a small note book. It’s amazing how Benjamin chose these 13 virtues and that too in that order. More so, on how he cultivated this habitude.


I finally got around to reading Stroustrup’s “The design of C++0x”, and was impressed by Stroustrup’s sense of language design, especially the clarity of thought with which he presents the topics. I still haven’t understood the part about “concepts” though. I wonder how it is different from interfaces (in Java).