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  1. That was cool. :) And wonderful thing was, it saw it playing in the totem player. Dont know when did the totem player last played a video for me. :D

  2. Live version as the 2002 version? You’ll freak – that’s Mrinal on the guitar and Sashi (their original guitarist) on the drums! :P

    But I really loved what they have done with the song this year.

  3. Thanks for the link! Will download and check it out. Wish foss was held in Delhi :((

    BTW did you see Sarath’s show/stall at FOSS?

  4. @Atul: Heh! Yeah, I like the latest avatar of the tune too.

    @Ankit: I don’t think Delhi would be a good choice to have an event like this. No, I didn’t get to see Sarath’s show.

  5. Delhi already hosts a `FOSS` related conference – Linux Asia – http://linuxasia.net. Having said that, there is a huge difference between that event and FOSS. FOSS is a community event. I heard Linux Asia more of a Corporate thingy.

  6. @ Atul : “Linux Asia is effectively LinuxWorld Exposition (LWE) – they specifically exclude community and focus only on the money.”

    Not really. I had a real good time @ Linux Asia even though it is ‘commercially inclined’, if you say so.

    Although, FOSS.in sounds like a more interesting event!

    @ Swaroop : “Yeah, it looks like a corporate event. After all, Red Hat is on the “conference committeeâ€?”

    Haha Probably! ;-) When I read your message, I was reminded about Szulik’s [spelling?] address @ Linux Asia – There was a Windows screen projected in the background when he spoke!!!!

    @ Swaroop: I don’t think Delhi would be a good choice to have an event like this

    Why ? :-/

  7. Is this song, Linux Can!, an instrumental? Coz I only heard tunes, no words. Its real good but I wonder where does the theme ‘Linux Can’ fit in? Or am I missing something? Or is there a story behind it that connects the two?

  8. @Ankit: The song was created by Mrinal and me in September 2000 – entirely on Linux. We used it as a showpiece and example during the Sep 2000 BLUG meet, where we demonstrated various multimedia production tools under Linux. Because the style of the original song was similar to the style used by the pop violinist Vanessa Mae, we originally called it “Linux Mae”, then “Linux May”, then “Linux Can” (which was more positive).

  9. I was there as a speaker in the first “Linux Asia” and reached the hall with a Linux Only Laptop (provided by Linux Asia team, didn’t have laptop then). This one just couldn’t get in sync with the projector. The techanicians over there said – “pata nahi kuch Linux – Vinux leke chale aaye hain” (translation – God knows! some Linux-Vinux he has brought). Finally a windows laptop connected and I did the talk.


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