code4bill or code2share?

If you have read the article in today’s Times of India on “The Battle for Bangalore” (page 16, bottom left corner), please do read the full article in the UK Sunday Times. The Times of India story is one-sided and leaves out a vital part of the original article.

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6 thoughts on “code4bill or code2share?

  1. The article is quite well written, without trying to be partisan. However, one point is clear, for every thousand persons who go ga-ga over everything that comes out of Microsoft PR engine, there is atlesat ONE F/OSS person, who can seperate PR and Freedom of expression.

    Thanks for the link :)

    It would have been good(for discussion’s sake), if you had quoted ToI’s version (I no longer read ToI, for that matter, I no longer get English paper at Home – I get Vijaya Karnataka :)


  2. Nice article. The biggest change for me after joining Microsoft is the scrutiny everything you do receives.

    For example, I’m part of the Code4Bill team – attended every single meeting where we brainstormed on different ways to hold the event. It is weird when you see an article which says “Microsoft aims to do foo by holding the event in bar fashion”.

    While I’m sitting here thinking to myself “No, we’re doing foo because at the brainstorm meeting, X came up with that idea and we thought it was cool and fun!”.

    Weird :)

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