3 thoughts on “Rajdeep Sardesai and CNN-IBN

  1. Dear Editor,
    India is ruining.Getting poor to poorer.I tried many times to reach to u but proved futile.My wish is, u posses potential to reply me something very important,So dunt miss to respond.If i’m wrong say me same.I’ll accept it gracefully.Now i’m begining my queris.
    1# In all channel,its said by all scholar,highly literate people,globally fame Editor and even missile man…..must cast ur vote.Ur absence is dangerous for democracy….may be ur absence will cause wrong people winner etc.My quetion is If all the contesting people are defaulter,kidnapper,murder,antisocial element then to whome we elect.Even after casting our votes we dunt feel satisfaction,then what type of Democracy is this?Why media people raise this issue for changes in clauses to FIX the shortcoming in the process of Election.I’m Sure if media people will determine to change the electoral procss..Surely they will get success.Leaving the nation fully in the hand of this polluted people is not justified.
    First point I would like to suggest:There must be one more choice in electoral pad..that is NONE OF ALL.If None of all Get maximum Votes then deposits of all candidate should be held.Re-Election should be conducted on this money.Why country will bear expenditure..for the fault of incompetent candidates.Therefore all Antisocial element automaticaly get away from election and country will get right leader who is real SEWAK.Another suggestion next time.In absence of this Country will reach to civil war situation.Presently all politician whether congress/Bjp/Left..All just to become billionior overnightThis is leaving bad trend for the rest.Kindly suggest ur opinion.



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