Watching a person learn a skill

I love the moment when you help somebody learn something and they have that sparkle in their eye when they realized they understood it. Here’s one of those virtual sparkles: Oct 27, 2005: Decided to abandon “Dive into Python” for the time being, it is REALLY frustrating for me to hanging at chapter 5 withoutContinue reading “Watching a person learn a skill”

Hebbe Falls Trek

![72745385][Thumbnail][] ![72745605][Thumbnail][] ![72745691][Thumbnail][] ![72746989][Thumbnail][] ![72747478][Thumbnail][] ![72749002][Thumbnail][] ![72751030][Thumbnail][] ![72752430][Thumbnail][] ![72752932][Thumbnail][] ![72753014][Thumbnail][] ![72753167][Thumbnail][] ![72753251][Thumbnail][] ![72753752][Thumbnail][] From riding on the roof of the jeep, to walking 10 km, to diving in freezin’ cold water, to feasting our eyes to lush green hills, to loads of laughter, we did it all. day 4

Yesterday was such a long and awesome day. The day started with me missing Taj’s talk on Entropy and I’m still kicking myself for that one. I attended Gora’s talk on IndLinux efforts and I got to know about the various efforts in localization and translations going on. ![69421783][Thumbnail][] Then, Alan Cox spoke on ModernContinue reading “ day 4”