Lalbagh Flower Show

The Lalbagh Flower Show turned out to be great. The flower arrangements were a feast for the eyes, especially for those with a photographic eye, although most people were point-and-click-photographers like me. ![89764990][Small][] ![89758774][Small][] ![89772640][Small][] ![89774260][Small][] ![89751772][Small][] ![89753307][Small][] ![89755763][Small][] ![89757899][Small][] ![89762236][Small][] ![89763479][Small][] ![89759997][Small][] ![89763848][Small][] ![89766266][Small][] ![89767800][Small][] ![89770663][Small][] ![89771096][Small][] ![89775894][Small][] ![89775108][Small][] ![89782467][Small][] ![89781808][Small][] ![89781398][Small][] ![89789102][Small][] The … Continue reading Lalbagh Flower Show

Tourism Fair

I visited the Travel and Tourism Fair yesterday at Kanteerava Stadium. It turned out to be a damp squib. ![89657783][Small][] ![89658006][Small][] First of all, the show turned out to be nothing but a big place of tourist agents hawking at customers, and the presentations of the respective states were so boring, except for probably Andhra … Continue reading Tourism Fair