Lalbagh Flower Show

The Lalbagh Flower Show turned out to be great. The flower arrangements were a feast for the eyes, especially for those with a photographic eye, although most people were point-and-click-photographers like me.



The rest of the photos are in my Lalbagh Flower Show 2006 photoset.

14 thoughts on “Lalbagh Flower Show

  1. Hi Swaroop,

    I visit your blog occassionally and feels better on reading it. I have a problem though. Since I am browsing from Saudi Arabia (where I am now), enjoying the photos you publish at filckr are forbidden here. Can u think of some solun?

    With deep apreciation of your many talents and your generous attitude in what you share with the world..


  2. @Pradeep : Yelli hodaru, adannu maathra neenu biDalve!

    @Rafeek : Whoa! Is Flickr forbidden by your internet service provider or by Saudi Arabia as a country? In any case, perhaps, you could use a proxy server like [Surfola](, I’m not very sure that’ll work though.

  3. Hi Swaroop,

    Thank you for the solution you suggested but as you have doubted this too is banned here. (It seems those who are assigned with this job, are doing it well). By the way I was surprised today to enjoy your photos. Probably those who effect the blocking reads your blog (and the comments?!)?

    Before it is banned again let me also go through your hilarious trip!

  4. hi man – awesome pics…. id been to the flower show yesterday i.e.10-8-2006

    was very good… i never planned to go there it just happened by chance, my friend got a pass and we decided to go at that instant.I had a sony 7.2 Mega Pixel camera at my home lying useless.. i had to take pics from my nokia 6600 in the end…. i want to contribute it here.. lemme know if u would want the pics…. my id –

  5. @Thouseef : Great to hear that this year’s Flower Show is also good. Can you upload the photos somewhere so that the rest of the world can take a look at it?

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