20 thoughts on “Have you seen Bangalore like this?

  1. Isnt the location from where Swaroop shot the photos obvious from his photo set name ( Utility Building ) ? :) Cool,they look great. It will be interesting to see how much of the greenery will still be there in the next few years.

  2. Green and Blue are 2 colors I associate most with Bangalore, thanks for some evidence! Nice pics.
    Do you thing the autos would look better with green or blue tops? rather than the traditional yellow(4th row left column)

  3. Hi,

    Man, that is nice photos are excellent.

    But deep down i feel pity that my/our bangalore is going down the drains.

    Traffic, Pollution, disappearing tanks and trees…………

    Guys is there any ideas where we can make bangalore look more beautiful like the photos that Swaroop took……..


  4. Great Pics Swaroop….but lets face the reality…B’lore is no more this beautiful. You need to give some reality …the traffic jams on M.G.Rd / Airport Rd etc. Gone are the days when B’lore was a pensioner’s paradise…its now a pensioner’s nightmare. Overall great pics and well taken.

  5. Excellent papers. I have been seeing the pictures of bangalore from my home in Dallas-Texas, I feel happy to see the pictures of home city.

  6. hehe…ok boss krishnaswamy….now we all know u live in texas…lol..some ppl sound real funny

  7. Hi,

    WOW…nice pics … !!!!
    I am very happy to see our bangalore looks so beautiful.

    Forget its beautiful or not in reality, it has lots of nice and friendly people than any other city in our country.

    Bangalore is the only city which nearly match with international cities.It has Rich cosmopolitan culture which is the passion in the comming days.

  8. Hi

    Its excellent photos to feel good about Bangalore city. It shows that still greenery exists between buildings. Good effort

  9. hi

    how r u my banglorians.
    i am not happy with this city.but i am happy with my banglorian.we con’t find these people anywhere in world.and also our poluted city is look so nice like heaven in the Earth.
    i am very much fair with my city that we con’t cross a traffic & people beautyful heart,well cleaned roads.

  10. I am proud to be from this place but when you go on a bike wipe your face after a ride with a white towlette you will know what I am taking about.

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