14 thoughts on “Radio City Live

  1. Hi swaroop,

    Even i am hooked to radio city live featuring the local bands. Swarathma were simply amazing. There were so many other bands who performed really well. I came to know much about music and also a strange instrument Dijaridoo(i guess the spelling is right)

    Thanks to radio city for providing a platform to recognize the talents of our local bands :)


  2. Nice to see Swarathma fans on the Internet. I personally really believe that they will make it big. When they first came to my studio for an audition, I instantly knew I had a winning team with me. Glad to see that Bangalore loves to hear its very own bands.

    Rohit Jayakaran
    Radio City 91FM Bangalore.

  3. Nice Programe cunducted by Radio City on weekend I love that progamme

  4. Hi rohit,
    I’m a keralite and I’m a pianist (even though i play more on my keyboard) .. does radiocity encourage soloists too? I’d love to be on this show.. I have some compositions (western classical, mostly). thanks.

  5. Hey Thomas,

    Could you please call me as soon as possible. my number is 22121971. If I am not in the office tell them it is urgent and leave a message with your number.

    Rohit Jayakaran

  6. Hey rohit I thought you just only see the message you also replying wah kamaal hai if you can means please call me in your programe my number is 9886203143 can you?

  7. I hv been looksing if radiocity feed avbl on the net, plz it doesnt seem to be there for any radio from India Infact

  8. Can anyone gimme the radio city email id? I need it ASAP to submit pics for the Digital photography contest ending today!!
    I have been on google since morning trying to find it somewhere. Doesn’t Radio City have their home page?

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