German Bytes of Python

Yesterday, I got this mail from Christoph Zwerschke:

Thanks a lot for “A Byte of Python”. Since I thought it would be great
if Python gets more popular in German, I participated in the German
translation project at BerliOS started by Lutz Horn. Unfortunately, the
translation progress stalled last year shortly before the work was
finished since all of us were very busy. However, this weekend I found
some time to finish the translation and cut a German release, which is
now available at

Greetings from Germany,
Christoph Zwerschke

Hats off to Christoph, Lutz Horn and others who made the German version happen! Thank you guys :-)

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  1. Can you send me a Chinese version of “A Byte of Python” PDF format? I can’t find how to download Chinese version from your site. Thanks.

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