A message by Bram on vim-announce:

The past few years many people have sponsored my work on Vim. Now
version 7 is nearing completion, beta testing will start soon, very
soon. A big thanks to all who supported me! I would not have been able
to do this without your help.

But things are going to change. I have accepted a job offer and will go
back to a full time job in a few months. To avoid speculation and
rumours: I am going to work for Google in Zurich. Fortunately I can
spend part of my time on Vim. But it will obviously be less than the
past few years when I was working 150% of my time on Vim.

I will no longer need sponsorship to survive. Therefore, starting the
end of March, all money given for Vim sponsorship and registration will
go to the project in Kibaale, Uganda. And no, this is not an April
fools joke.

The voting will continue as before. And seeing people give money will
motivate me to keep working on Vim. The children need the help much
more than me anyway. Thus please keep sending money!

P.S. Yes, I have donated to Vim before.

4 thoughts on “GVim

  1. Sometimes, I use vim .. sometimes emacs .. gedit .. scribes ..

    I think, I should stop now and master one editor. Let it be vim.

  2. Recently I thought of donating, but have never used PayPal or any of these other methods.

    Is it possible to setup Paypal account and pay outside India, or is there a better simpler method than this?
    AFAIK Paypal is most widely used payment service on net.

  3. @srid,
    there was a time when I used to defend my use of Vim and wouldn’t even touch Emacs – believing its “too difficult” etc.,

    Now, I use Emacs for most of python development. Vim occassionally.

    Learn Emacs. Even if you end up using Vim :)

  4. @Sridhar : Great!

    @Vikram : Yes, it is quite easy for you to donate to people outside India. I’ve done it through Paypal itself.

    @Pradeep : Different strokes for different folks. I used to use Emacs heavily at one point, but now use Vim exclusively.

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