Can you answer this?

Yahoo! India launches So can you answer these questions? Did I do a bad job of raising my son? How can we say that we’re alive? When I get off at Bangalore aiport, how much will the elephant ride to my hotel cost? Why do dogs eat cat feces??? How do you stop this […]

Marathon postponed

The Bangalore Marathon has been postponed from May 14 to September, 2006. This is so disappointing. I had not participated in last year’s marathon because I wasn’t fit for it, but I had made up my mind to participate this year. So, I’ve been training with a couple of friends. Our plan was to prepare […]

Malaysia Day 1

Finally, I’m getting around to writing about my Malaysia trip… About six months ago, my cousins and myself had been to Talkad to show the beach to the youngest of the cousins (< 10 years old), and during the journey, I planted the idea of watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix, live, in my cousin’s […]