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I was starting to get bored with my website design (even though I really liked it), so I hired the talented Chugs‘s services and he came up with a really simple and colorful design, and it’s live now.

Note: There are still some quirks to be worked out and the wiki is yet to be themed too.

10 thoughts on “New theme

  1. Hi Swaroop,

    Congrats for the redesign of your site. It definitely is interesting.

    I am no design person, but there are 2 things I have noticed:

    1. This comment box is not enough wide. Wider comment box helps review the post, and is more closer to editor feel.

    2. The colors have good contrast. Except for the color of post to the background – turquoise/light-blue against the white background.

    This may make your theme even better.

    Best wishes
    Vikram Sujanani

  2. Hello,
    Your new site’s illegible when I view it in Basic Page Style (my default) in Firefox 1.0.7. Text is displayed on top of other text & can’t be read. Most sites display fine for me.

    BTW, I’m working through Byte of Python & enjoying it. Thanks!

  3. @Allagappan : Do you still notice any colors that ‘hurt’?

    @Vikram : Suggestions taken, and now we have the comment box wide.

    @Joseph : How can I reproduce that problem?

    @T3, @PizzaDude, @Niara, @Thejesh : :-)

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