From a Times of India article:

Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt has predicted that India and not China will become the world’s biggest Internet market in “about five or ten years from now, based on current trends.”

And what’s more, Schmidt’s other futurist view is that Hindi, not Hispanic, could become one of the world’s three Internet languages, in conjunction with English and Chinese.

Schmidt’s remarkable predictions have left techies and the Internet market analysts scrambling to ask what Google was doing to prepare for a tomorrow when India is virtually the Internet and Internet is India?

That’s an interesting question. What does have Google in mind?

On a related note, the Yahoo! India Summer Special website is interesting as well.

Then again, I’m more interested in whether iTunes is coming to India.

Some weeks ago, 8 of us yahoos went to Tadiyandamol for trekking.

Directions to reach Tadiyandamol : Take the bus from Bangalore to Virajpet. Catch a local bus to Kaikamba, which comes before Kakkabe. From there, you can ask the locals for “raja mane” (King’s house) and you can start trekking. To book food at the Palace Estate, you can contact Prakash at 98804 47702.

Old Tower

Pink flower
Red flower
Yellow flower

The scorching heat was a problem, especially for the first-time trekkers, but we pushed them on.


21st March, 2006, Tuesday

It was Day 4 of the Malaysia trip, the last day. So much stuff had happened in the last 3 days, that I actually woke up early, and wrote down everything I wanted to remember in a notebook and wrote for an hour.

Then, I went exploring the place before the rest of my group got ready. I was amazed to see the board displaying the number of parking slots that are free. I mean they make everything as sophisticated as possible, and yet, as simple as possible for the customer.

Breakfast came down to bread again, but I’ve observed that the fruits are generally good here, and I loved the yellow watermelon that we had.

Parking stats

After breakfast, we went wall-climbing. It looks so simple but it’s not. I reached half of the wall and then my arms started shivering, I just didn’t have the strength to go on, and I let go. I tried again and same results. Damn, it’s tough.

Wall climbing
Wall climbing

Next, I went for the Sky Venture. Imagine a fan the size of a room below you and it starts turning, what happens? You fly.


(Continuing my tale of Malaysia…)

20th March, 2006, Monday

KL Road

The third day morning, we went to the Batu Caves where the Murugan temple is located. The huge golden colored statue of Lord Murugan was a sight to behold. There were quite a number of visitors for a Monday morning. I found out that for one of the festivals (I think it was Thaipusam), the temple is decorated a lot and there’s a huge gathering of devotees. And yes, it’s a Muslim country. It’s wonderful how India and Malaysia are alike in the respect that there is such free expression of one’s devotion to the God they worship.

Murugan temple