Google has its eyes on India

From a Times of India article:

Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt has predicted that India and not China will become the world’s biggest Internet market in “about five or ten years from now, based on current trends.”

And what’s more, Schmidt’s other futurist view is that Hindi, not Hispanic, could become one of the world’s three Internet languages, in conjunction with English and Chinese.

Schmidt’s remarkable predictions have left techies and the Internet market analysts scrambling to ask what Google was doing to prepare for a tomorrow when India is virtually the Internet and Internet is India?

That’s an interesting question. What does have Google in mind?

On a related note, the Yahoo! India Summer Special website is interesting as well.

Then again, I’m more interested in whether iTunes is coming to India.

6 thoughts on “Google has its eyes on India

  1. I find it surprising that he thinks India would be bigger than China as their Internet penetration and connectivity is so much better than ours currently.

    I think if the Net becomes commonplace in India, it will be democratised and Indianised like cable TV – one more channel for Indian content to reach the masses! The media part of it might evolve like how FM Radio is doing now.

    Whether the Web’s low barriers of entry will create new kinds of media entities and do more than TV/Radio remains to be seen.

    As far as Google is concerned, I doubt they will get into the business of providing Indian content. They will probably continue providing back-end search/tech services for media and other companies with an online presence.

  2. Go…..India….Go…!!!

    I do hope this happens one day….

  3. @Pramod : They’re thinking 5-10 years ahead, I think India will have good connectivity then. How people will use the net? That remains to be seen.

    @Manu : I honestly have no idea either, I was wondering the same thing.

  4. I just want to point out Hispanic is not a language, but Spanish is.

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