Today, I achieved 34 km.

Yeah, my stamina has improved.

Here’s some of the “running gyaan” I’ve collected over the past few months:

  • Learn to listen to your body
    • Learn to distinguish between feeling tired or just feeling fatigue, feeling the need for water and the need to take rest.
    • I attribute a part of my development to doing things my way. I didn’t push myself to compete with the others, but I competed with myself.
  • It takes patience to develop stamina. A year ago, I used to run one round in the track field and stop dead-tired. The track was just 400 metres long.
  • Some people find company important for running. I need my iPod and the company.
  • Running in the early morning is better – lesser pollution, lesser noise, lesser people, empty roads, etc.
  • Breathe naturally.
  • Do varying distances of running (The distances should look like a bell curve on a graph)
  • Run 9 min. Walk 1 min. And the cycle continues.
  • Gear is important
  • Drink lots of water. 2 litres per day.
  • Water + Electral = Yummy. And it restores the salts that your body loses.
  • Nothing teaches you determination like running. Because the temptation to stop is immense and you can easily stop.
  • I still have a lot to learn.

10 thoughts on “Running

  1. Bravo and congrats on the 34km run! In my experience, over time I and other running buddies started getting knee pain from running on tar roads, it affects some people more than others but it’s worth keeping an eye out for. One wishes that gravel or sandy running paths were more available.

  2. Hey Swaroop i came to read your blog today morning. And hence i came to know that apart from a programmer u could also become a good athlete. Sorry i foregot to introduce me. Am Sujith H who took the degree of B.Tech in IT and is intrested to work in Linux(only in Linux). My intresting area is in embedded Linux. Thats all for now.

  3. Hmm… is it just me, are you taking the Forrest Gump approach to lyfe ?

  4. @Jayakumar : Thanks. Yes, that’s true, I’ve heard of people who find it difficult to run on tar roads now. Thankfully, the roads haven’t affected me yet. Touch wood.

    @Sujith : Nice to hear from you.

    @Madhooo : You’re welcome :-)

    @t3 : Never thought so much about it. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

  5. Hey coOL gyaan !

    To add some of my own:

    A Goal is very very important. I have seen ppl comming for a run on the first day and managing to do pretty well (considering its their first run after a long time). In a couple of days they slow down drastically and then just vanish. This is probably because of an ill-defined goal.

    Also, I feel just to run till your tired is not at all an appropriate goal (atleast this is true for me). I found, whn I used to decide that I would run for X km or min or rounds that is whn I would really achieve my best.

    Hey, I didn’t need any company for running or an iPod. It was difficult to convince my friends that a half-marathon in a months practice is possible. Also, I developed a couple of cool-tricks of my own which would keep me focussed on the task and determined.

  6. Good to hear that. Can you tell me number of kgs reduced approx and for how many months ? That should really motivate me….

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