After an encounter with a firangee person, Vikram and myself started talking about difference in cultures.

For example, how doors are opened or closed. In USA, doors are pulled to get in but pushed to get out. Why? If there’s an emergency, it’s easier to push yourself through and get out of the building quickly. If you’re trying to get into the building, that means the building is safe, so it’s okay to take time to pull the door.

It’s the opposite direction in India. Why? Because we hope that bhagya da lakshmi enters our homes.

Such a minor issue, and yet such a difference between cultures.

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  1. hi,I’m a chinese girl. :-)
    I just read your book about python.
    Then I came here and read your blog.
    It’s very interesting.
    But can anyone tell me who is Bhagya da Lakshmi ?
    She is a person? or a spirit in India legend ?
    Thank you very much! :)

  2. So not true…
    I totally disagree!

    There are notions and beliefs that people of US follow too. How come we don’t criticize them?

    Taking things so trivial and making wit about our culture is so not the way to go!

    And when it comes to the doors,

    Does this mean to say all doors in US are pulled to get in but pushed to get out?
    Are all doors in India are pulled to get out but pushed to get in?

    The notion of “bhagya da lakshmi” may be true at some places, but even in India (or be it any other place in the world) when buildings are designed and planned, things that are put in place are there for a specific reason. (Reasons may be as simple as – doors being next to crampy corridor where the door being pushed out blocks the movement OR May be pushing the door out hampering movement outside).

  3. I read this part and also the comments given by different people. There is nothing to Agree or Disagree, its all about how people think different according to their CULTURE

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