Forty Two

I completed the full marathon i.e. 42 km on Sunday in the Bangalore International Marathon 2006.

Well, barely completed. After running the first 21 km in 2.5 hours, I was elated at my good timing, but then the worst thing (for a runner) happened – cramps. I just couldn’t run, it hurted. The irony was that in the past 6 months of heavy training, I never faced this issue, and it had to happen on the final D-day. I tried a little running and little walking for a while and managed to reach 28 km.

At the 28 km mark, I gave up. I grunted and cursed myself. Then, a fellow marathoner came along, cheered me up and pushed me to go on. Okay, I guess it was worth another try. So, I mustered all the energy left in me to get up and walk. A few more marathoners came along and encouraged me to simply walk if I can’t run. I winced and walked, but I was pleasantly surprised at the encouragement by the people around, and specially the traffic cops.

If there was ever a test of my will power, I guess this was it. I took 4 hours to walk the rest of the way back to the Kanteerava stadium.

In the end, I was disappointed that I couldn’t run the 42 km as I wanted to, and my goal of finishing in 5.5 hours went down the drain. But at least I completed.

A huge shout of thanks to Ajay, Niara, Vikram – my running partners and closest friends, without whom I would’ve never run the marathon, let alone work towards my dream of running the full marathon.

Is it a coincidence that the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42?

8 thoughts on “Forty Two

  1. Wow! That is amazing, I would need to train for a long long time before I could think about doing anything like that. I bike to work each morning, but running just takes it out of me. That is really amazing!

  2. Awesome dude!! You are an inspiration to me, to try run a marathon sometime. Can you give more details, on what was your training regimen, diet, what you ate before the run, approx how many calories, you consumed during the run(solids? liquids), what shoes did you wear? what was the longest distance you had run before he marathon?……Please bear with me on these questions, but am just curious.

  3. Great goin dude

    42 kms is not a joke! The first time I heard about it, all I could say was “Oh My God … How did u manage that!”

  4. @Josh : It took a lot of practice and perseverance, especially for a fat guy like me :)

    @Prem : I’ll probably take the help of my friends to put up more details on a permanent page, but to answer few of your questions:

    Training regimen – follow Hal Higdon’s marathon training chart
    Diet – no diet. Just try to eat more rice, etc.
    Eating before the run – nothing. Drink lots of water.
    Calories – Never counted ’em
    During the run – lots of chikki and water
    Shoes – Nike
    Longest distance before the full marathon – 37 km
    I’ve written a little more about this previously.

    @Sajjad : Thanks.

    @Nitin : Hehe, yeah. It’s a wonder, considering my fitness last year compared to now.

    @Akshay : Thanks :)

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