Keep ideating

Yesterday night, I met St. John Goldfinger and Paul Jenkins for dinner. They are technology entrepreneurs based in the UK. They were in Bangalore for the EU-Karnataka Asia IT Enterprise 2006 Conference (quite a mouthful) basically looking out for companies to collaborate with on many of their projects. They wanted to meet few of the […]

PowerBook for sale

Anybody interested in buying my PowerBook? ![11150079][Small][] The only reason to sell it is because I hardly use it any more, even though it’s in perfect working condition. For those interested, I might throw in my copy of iWork for free (which costs a separate $79). To recap on the features: It is a 12″ […]

Last day

Today’s my last day at Yahoo!. It’s been a great two and a half years. Sadly, it’s time to move on. I was just recollecting today about how much history I have here and how many things I’m leaving behind. Moving on is not easy, especially when you’re smitten with your first company. I’m gonna […]


I am getting really addicted to Open Shortcuts in conjunction with the search bar in Firefox. For example, just type !wiki bangalore and it’ll search wikipedia for you without having to do the 3-step process of opening, then entering the search query and clicking on ‘go’. You can create your own shortcuts as well. […]