I am getting really addicted to Open Shortcuts in conjunction with the search bar in Firefox. For example, just type !wiki bangalore and it’ll search wikipedia for you without having to do the 3-step process of opening, then entering the search query and clicking on ‘go’.

You can create your own shortcuts as well. Just login to yahoo search, and run !set dict, next time just type !dict anthropomorphize and it’ll take you to the search results page directly. The best part is that this now works from any browser and computer that you use.

To get to know the list of shortcuts you can use, just type !list.


“There are no shortcuts in life, unless you right click and find one.”

6 thoughts on “Shortcuts

  1. I use Firefox keyword search. The key sequence is like, “C-l wp WikiPediaArticleName” for wikipedia search.

    I like Open Shortcuts, except for that extra work for my fingers. :)

    C-k shift-1 wp Name RET

    If google is the default search in firefox, then it becomes,

    C-k shift-1 wp Name C- {select Yahoo} RET

    but then, I believe one can write a firefox extension that overrides the default firefox keyword search to use open shortcuts. Now, that would be cool!

    this-crazy-extension converts,
    C-l wp Name RET
    C-k shift-1 wiki WikipediaArticleName C- {select Yahoo} RET {undo select Yahoo)
    (but it can be done programmatically)

  2. @Gavri : Yeah, Mozilla keywords are one way to go about it.

    @Sameer : Thanks for the tip!

    @Sridhar : I have a “!g” shortcut that redirects to google search, so yahoo search engine is always the default for me.

  3. Though it will take time for me to use open shortcuts. it is a good one and i might be using some of it for daily search from yahoo. But there is a similar one , which takes directly to the site , that is google’s default home page’ search box right side button “I am feeling lucky” . It takes direct to the page you almost want when u type any keyword, but without the use of pressing ‘!’ keyboard button .That is advantage it gives in terms to performance
    and usage which i observed quite a while.

  4. I have been using opera for the last 5 years. This has been a standard feature. Earlier it used to adding a command line to the ini file to perform actions such “y bangalore” which will search for bangalore in And it comes with a lot of default searches for sites like amazon, ebay, answers.
    However, in the current version (opera 9) you can just right click on the search field of any web site (which passes strings as a parameter) and create a search.


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