First Day

Today was my first day at Adobe.

Door to Adobe

A month ago, it was so difficult for me to imagine going to a new place, working with new people, and entering a totally new field of work. Today, it was surprisingly easy. Perhaps it is a poignant reminder that the move was such a quick one. Perhaps it was because the new manager and team made it easy for me.

That reminds me that I’ll be working with Mannu Bhai. Well, hopefully, because I don’t think our timings overlap!

What will I be working on?

I’ll be working on Flex – a framework to create Flash (well, I’m hyper-over-simplifying it, but you get the idea). Flex is one of the really hot products from Adobe these days. For example, when you need to display some advanced visualizations on the web today, Flash is the way to go today, and Flex is the best developer-centric way of creating Flash.


This is a completely new line of work for me, so it’s exciting and worrisome at the same time. I think of it like this – The past two and a half years, I’ve worked on totally web-backend stuff – processing search logs, text processing, database query optimizations, disk space optimizations, simplified distributed computing, etc. Now, I will get to work on totally web-frontend stuff – creating tools that will be used by other developers who will create visually rich websites, and even desktop applications using Apollo in future.


Flex your creativity

In case you haven’t heard of Flex… Did you know that the latest Yahoo! Maps uses Flex behind the scenes? Go to, click on ‘View the Flex Product Overview’, then click on ‘Case Studies’ and then ‘Yahoo! Maps’.

Now, I’ll get back to playing with

16 thoughts on “Adobe

  1. After talking to you last time about flex, lot of development on my side.

    I got pylons working with Flex using JSON for data interchange.
    Currently, working on moving some ‘dashboard+chart’ stuff to flex so that I can sell the idea of using Flex to my boss. So far, he is very impressed. is very active.

    There seems to be huge interest in Flex amongst the RIA crowd looking at the amount of code,components and tutorials being written. The Rails people, as usual are early to the hype party with Flexonrails.

    I hope that you will work on Python/flex libraries. Anyway, since you are the Inside guy, look forward to some badgering session on python+flex :)

    I think Flex has a immediate appeal to business application builders (I’m not the creative flash types… ;)

    Lets see some more Flex stuff from you soon.

    Oh! Congrats on joining Adobe :)

  2. Hey Swaroop,
    Goodluck with your new job. Isnt Ajax a close competitor in the RIA world.
    Hope to hear your experiences going forward.

  3. @Ankur, @Nitin, @PizzaDude, @Sudhir, @Sunil : Thanks! And yes, I’ve updated the ‘About’ page.

    @Manish : Whoa, I didn’t know you were at Adobe too. Great!

    @Arif : I personally believe that Ajax and Flex have to co-exist, for example, if a mostly-text website needs dynamism, Ajax is the way to go and Flex would be overkill, but if you needed audio, video, charting or any advanced visualization, Ajax falls short and Flex starts to shine.

    @Pradeep : Great that you have finally decided to jump in with Flex :)

    Well, I’m still getting started, but yep, let’s discuss what cool stuff we can do with python+flex.

    Yes, I had known about Tamarin for a while, and great to see it finally happen. I think it is a master-stroke. Mozilla gets a blazingly fast VM for free and automatically makes Firefox/Thunderbird/etc. much faster since they are all based on XUL/JavaScript. Adobe gets the benefit of standardizing ActionScript and entices more people to learn ActionScript and makes it easy for someone to transition to learning Flex as well. Plus, Adobe now has an open source core of the Flash player and allows scope for more improvement by the open source community. It’s a win-win.

  4. Wish you all the Best Swaroop…looking forward to see more of tech (flex) articles coming on ur blog. I also wanted to thank u coz….I am meeting St.John of s/w associate in near future….I visit ur blog almost on a daily basis n it helped me…..

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