It seemed the long run on Saturday was not enough, so we took off early on Sunday morning as well, but this time in a car instead of on foot. We headed towards Anthargange. Supposedly, it is a spring (source of water) which explains the name. We were interested because the place is filled with volcanic rocks and countless caves.

To reach Anthargange (from Bengalooru), get on Old Madras Road and head towards Kolar (which is around 65 km away).

On the way, we saw a beautiful sunrise.

Anthargange 005
Anthargange 021
Anthargange 013

Then we came across a karela field, then a grapes field.

Anthargange 031
Anthargange 033

Then, a beautiful flower field.

Anthargange 037
Anthargange 039
Anthargange 045

Just around 10 km before Kolar, stop at Kamat restaurant and have breakfast. When you reach Kolar, ask for directions to Anthargange. Basically you have to take a left turn before the main bus stand, and then just keep going straight. You’ll reach an arch that says Anthargange.

Anthargange 050

Now, don’t take the steps, dive into the forest and make your own route :)

Anthargange 053
Anthargange 058
swaroop relaxing
Anthargange 071
Anthargange 095
Anthargange 135
Anthargange 093
Anthargange 114
not clear, see here
Anthargange 111
Anthargange 112

After a long 4 hours of trekking and lots of false paths, retreats and further trekking, we finally reached the top. What a view.

Anthargange 139
Anthargange 144
Anthargange 151
watching the view
sleep tight

It was time to get back, but we didn’t want to take the gruelling route that we just took, so we started to look for an easier route. We got lost. We had to plan a way of making sure we reach some sort of civilization, and luckily, we met a cowherd who had got the cows on top of the hill for grazing! That means there should be some easy path, so we asked him for directions and followed it. And we still got lost. So, we charted our own route, and then went zigzagging our way through the forest as quickly and safely as we could. We were elated on reaching flat ground.

Anthargange 165

Although the hill looked quite small, it really wasn’t.

After getting so many scratches from thorny bushes and cacti, and facing the heat of the sun, and getting lost (literally), jumping down rocks, crawling in crevices of caves, climbing steep rocks, and facing shortage of water and a stomach grumbling for lunch, it was time to head back home. It was a good day.

Anthargange 181

14 thoughts on “Anthargange

  1. Oh!! I have been to Antaragange couple of times. Awesome place for Cave exploration. Did u go near that lone rock which stands up like a pillar, on the edge of the hill ? The view from that place is awesome.

  2. Swaroop, I came to know your blog today and was impressed with your blog theme and also got to know few fellow Bengalooru bloggers.


  4. hey if you are interested in more cave exploration,
    visit siddarabetta..
    there you can do cave exploration for more than 2 hours easily

  5. @Santosh : Glad to know about you as well :)

    @Prasanna : Yeah!

    @Lakshmi Narayana : Thanks

    @Uday : I have been to Siddarabetta many years ago.

  6. Thanks, I was planning to visit the place and stumbled upon your blog. It helped a lot, we visited the place and enjoyed it a lot. Nice and detailed posting.

  7. hi Swaroop,
    we are planning to go there on bike.
    Can you tell me what are the parking arrangements there.


  8. Great photos. The one thing I noticed from all these kind of blogs is that, any trekking spot in and around Bengaluru look the same! There is almost nothing new. Every Trekking spot towards Kanakapura will have a stream of water flowing besides and every such spot near Tumkur or Kolar will have a temple at the top!!!!! LOL

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