Code Runway

What if there was a Project Runway or even an American Chopper show for programming… what would be the (minimal set of) qualities to judge on? Elegance (of algorithm, of code) Simple flow Attention to detail (corner cases) Efficiency Scalability “It Just Works” … hmm, what else?

Musical Weekend

Although it started with sports, it turned out to be a musical weekend. Saturday afternoon : Parikrma Senior Sports Day Parikrma had a sports meet of the senior children among all its various schools – from Jayanagar to Sahakarnagar, and it was amazing to see all the boisterous children compete against each other, including grittingContinue reading “Musical Weekend”

What’s in a name?

$150,000. That’s what’s in a name. That’s how much Microsoft paid for the name “Zune”: According to Boslet, Placek cited several other reasons for zeroing in on “Zune”: It’s a short word, reflecting the gadget’s small size. It has a familiar sound. “‘From tune to zune’ was the expression some inside Lexicon used,” the JournalContinue reading “What’s in a name?”