Code Runway

What if there was a Project Runway or even an American Chopper show for programming… what would be the (minimal set of) qualities to judge on?

  • Elegance (of algorithm, of code)
  • Simple flow
  • Attention to detail (corner cases)
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • “It Just Works”
  • … hmm, what else?

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5 thoughts on “Code Runway

  1. In business what usually matters is how fast to get the required result, so long as the result is the objective. Rest of things, nice if it will make getting the result any faster!

  2. @Srikanth : TopCoder doesn’t take efficiency or elegance into account.

    @Srikanth, @Pramod, @Rafeek : Excellent point. In business-speak, I think they call it ‘Time to market’. I agree that getting the program working on time is very important.

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