I was fortunate to attend proto.in in Chennai on Sunday. What was it all about? It’s about startups in India. It was the opportunity for an Indian entrepreneur to showcase his/her ideas and business plans, to look for funding, people to work with, partners or simply grab media attention.

proto.in 005.jpg

27 companies were showcased and they each had 8 minutes to present their product. Working prototypes and demos were encouraged, ppts discouraged. Companies were asked to focus on questions like ‘who are you’, ‘what are you doing’, ‘what makes you different’ and
‘what are you looking for’.

I had written down some notes during the entire day:


My manager and myself were having an informal chat about the various RIA frameworks and platforms out there. To be honest, I wasn’t convinced
about Flex and so, we kept on discussing the pros and cons, and it turned out that I learnt a bit
about Flex this way. One of the points we discussed was that Flex is not open source. He said “It’s
not open source, but it is as close to it as it can get.”

I was intrigued by this and did some homework.

Update : You may want to read the updated remarks at the end before reading the whole passage.


New Year, New Problems, New Resolutions, New Disappointments.

Same person.

Happy New Year (2007)

Following the “people developer” Pavlina’s advice, I have chosen my primary focus for the year… so far it’s already worked out good. One thing I’ve realized is that things are gonna change only at the cost of other things – you have to make sacrifices elsewhere so that you can concentrate on one thing*.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

* Of course, all generalizations are not true all the time.