Outlook on Linux : Evolution Exchange

My laptop at work has some network configuration issue (I think) leading to Outlook not finding the server – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But every other application uses the internet/intranet just fine. Only Outlook doesn’t work and I’m tired of reading the mails from a web interface because it is painfully slow and […]

Whoa to Woe

After a month of bliss, I caved in and got a new phone. After all, there are few super() invocations that I want to override (any Indian son/daughter would know what I mean). The good part about not having a mobile phone was the bliss of being “free”, I suddenly had more time to spend […]

Why p2p in a browser

When Opera announced BitTorrent support within the browser (two years ago!), it never made sense to me. After attending Dr. Satish Menon’s “Video Goes Viral” talk yesterday, I am convinced that is the way to go. The funny thing is that there are no benefits to the user, if anything, it is a downside for […]


Yep, Moxie. That’s the codename for the next version of Flex. And it was one of the suggestions by yours truly in the internal discussions. Why this name? My reasoning was: flex -> strength -> http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/strength -> mana, pizzazz, moxie, thew, … Ely liked the name ‘moxie’ a lot especially because of the way the […]