Outlook on Linux : Evolution Exchange

My laptop at work has some network configuration issue (I think) leading to
Outlook not finding the server – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But
every other application uses the internet/intranet just fine. Only Outlook
doesn’t work and I’m tired of reading the mails from a web interface because it
is painfully slow and more so for high traffic mailing lists.

So, I switched on my desktop (which has only Kubuntu installed and no Windows),
ran apt-get install evolution and apt-get install evolution-exchange
commands, started Evolution, added a
new Microsoft Exchange account and it started downloading all the messages.

It’s ironic that I have to use a Linux machine to connect to a Microsoft
Exchange server. Maybe now I can get my laptop fixed by our IS. The last time I
reported the same problem, they deleted my profile and added it again and I had
to spend an entire day customizing my setup again, and the original problem
still wasn’t fixed. I don’t want to go through that trouble again…

P.S. On a completely unrelated note,
Beryl makes using Linux so much
more fun. The Expose-like preview of windows (F8 key) is very useful.

Update: It’s not over til it’s

Update 2: Well, Evolution is locally caching the mail, all I have to do is
to leave it on overnight :), well that mitigates my email reading issues a lot,
assuming it keeps working that way.

Update 3 on 2007-06-13 Wed 04:07 PM: Finally solved the mystery of
Outlook not working… it was because of the Sify
software installed! Renaming
all the Sify-related exes to some other extension fixed the issue. Go

9 thoughts on “Outlook on Linux : Evolution Exchange

  1. @Sriram: Sent you a mail :)

    @Prady: Well, the novelty hasn’t worn off for me yet and I see that I end up 1-2 features only in my actual daily usage (when “working”) :)

  2. Evolution doesn’t download your emails. Infact the evolution exchange connector, AFAIK, does not have an implementation to do so. It connects to your MS Exchange thru the same OWA Web Access which you using to check thru a browser. I have used this for over an yr and half on RHFC and they are so buggy. Try deleting mails and moving them between folders.

    Instead a few of my colleagues here were using wine and MS Outlook on Ubuntu setup and it used to work all fine when it worked or crash all the time when it didn’t :)

  3. @Rohith: Yes, you’re right. Looks like this problem is not over yet. The good part is that it hasn’t crashed on me yet. The only part which is not working and most important for me is the ‘download messages for offline usage’ option… sigh.

  4. My personal experience with using the evolution exchange connector isn’t that great. It may seem to be ok if you have a local mail server. If you are using a remote mail server and have a big mail box, its a big kill. Guess this and my VPN client are the only two reasons I am still reluctant booting to Ubuntu on my laptop.

    For your problem, with outlook, try reaching ur mail server using ping or telnet, when outlook is not able to connect to it. Looks like u have had enough of it by now :)

  5. Your original issue sounds like a DNS problem without hearing much more about it. The exchange plugin for evolution has been working pretty well for me personally. It’s much like Enterouge (The OSX Microsoft mail prog) gets mail, and it seems to work well enough.

  6. Beryl made every ones mouth opened in my office!!! When I gave a talk in my college the same thing happened. Students told me that Linux doesn’t has good GUI. Then I showed them the power of beryl installed in my laptop. No comments came from them!!!

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