The ion : ipod charger, mobile charger and more

For the past couple of months, I’ve had very busy weekends because I’ve been
helping out a couple of friends launch a product.

Why talk about it today? Because today is launch day!

I’m talking about “the ion” – a charger for your
. Get the ion, plug in the iPod and connect the
other end to the electric socket, and your iPod gets charged. No PC, no fuss, no

In fact, it works with any device that charges through USB, whether it is
your iRiver, or any mp3 player, or your mobile phone!

Some more cool features:

  • The ion is portable, you can carry it around anywhere, especially to places
    where you will not have access to a computer.
  • Do you really need to switch on your computer the whole night just to charge
    your iPod?
  • You can listen to your music when your iPod is getting charged by the ion,
    instead of staring at the ‘Do not disconnect’ message.
  • An awesome looking product. A great companion for the iPod.

All this for just Rs.399 only. As a bonus, you get solid reliability because the
ion has a voltage regulator circuit that protects your device from power surges.
Most existing charger products out there do not have such protection.

The ion poster

We’re going to get the product out in the stores soon, but* the quickest way to
get an ion is to buy it online right now!

We’ll also be trying to get the posters put up in all the IT companies so that
more people get to know about the ion. If you can help us with this, please do
drop us a line, we’d be glad to hear from you.
If you want to grab the posters yourself, you can get the digital
and set it as your wallpaper and help us
spread the word about ion :)

If you are curious about how the ion was born and how it was transformed into a
real product that we are holding in our hand today, you can read about the
interesting history of the ion.

Last but not the least, if you have any sorts of questions, doubts, queries or
feedback, please do write to us.

* Due to various circumstances, ion will not be available in stores, it will only be available online!

14 thoughts on “The ion : ipod charger, mobile charger and more

  1. @Sriram: You can get the ion right now! :)

    Regarding the company, it’s not a private limited, but a partnership company. For that, no formal registration is required. At least, that’s what we found out in our research (talking to a lawyer, an income tax commissioner, etc.)

  2. Hey ..
    This is great stuff .. congrats and all the very best!!
    No wonder you were in “hybernation” from past couple of months :P

  3. Swaroop,

    So, this was the secret project you were hinting at, eh?

    The gadget looks very professional, so does the site :)

  4. Cool! Congrats!
    Best wishes and hope you guys beat the sales of ipod :)
    Do give me some posters, will put it up in my company..
    Is it a charger without a cord?

    btw, favicon.ico needs to be changed :)

  5. @Atul: Thanks! Have replied to you already.

    @Skull: The ion is an USB charger too… whereas the given product is only an ipod charger. The ion can charge mobile phones, USB battery chargers, other mp3 players, any device that charges through USB with-in 500mA :)

    @Sudheer: Thanks. Was I really in ‘hybernation’? :)

    @Pradeep: Hehe, thanks for the encouragement :)

    @Anush, @Ranganath: Thanks. Please do consider getting your own ion!

    @Thunga: Yep, will talk to you offline. No, the charger has a cord, it was designed that way because wall-socket chargers are not convenient.

  6. Y’day, I ordered for this appliance.

    If it is delivered by to-morrow, I plan to carry it with me while travelling over the weekend.

    Keeping my fingers crossed. . .


  7. As stated in an earlier post, I got my piece on 10-May but could not use it immediately.

    As am writing this post, ipod is being charged and am listening to some old Tamil classics of MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar :-))

    Great Work folks.

    I have some suggestions, will send them consolidated to the mailing address of ion.


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