Big Bazaar, India Central, Future Dreams

I recently read the “It Happened in India” book. It is the story of Kishore Biyani, the man who created Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Bangalore/Hyderabad Central, EZone, and much much more – effectively, the one person who made retailing a roaring success in India and who had envisioned it much before anyone else dared to evenContinue reading “Big Bazaar, India Central, Future Dreams”

Moxie . AdvancedDataGrid . OutInTheWild()

Flex 3 beta 1 is out, and along with it something that I’ve been part of – the AdvancedDataGrid component. An example built using the AdvancedDataGrid is embedded below (it is a SWF file, requires Flash Player 9 for viewing): Notice the tree view within a grid – that alone is a feature not foundContinue reading “Moxie . AdvancedDataGrid . OutInTheWild()”

Look out for the new RadioVeRVe

Shreyas, Gaurav and the gang have relaunched RadioVeRVe and it now rocks even more than before! Things they haven’t changed: They play music by independent bands from India. That’s right, these are all Indian bands. Things I liked: The new look feels good and is intuitive. How’d he do that? Hats off to Ganesh Rao.Continue reading “Look out for the new RadioVeRVe”