Marathons in India in 2007

Is it just me or is running becoming popular in India?

Take a look at this
marathon schedule:

2007 Aug Mysore Half Marathon
2007 Sep Bangalore Times Marathon
2007 Oct Delhi Hutch Half Marathon
2007 Nov Hyderabad Half Marathon
2007 Dec Bangalore RFL Ultra Marathon
2008 Jan Stanchart Mumbai Marathon

7 thoughts on “Marathons in India in 2007

  1. Running is on the rise.. I see many folks joining. (I for one has just started out a few months back.)

    Thanks for the list. will help me keep sight of stuff.

  2. mysore half marathon 07 is on 15th july , why do you indicate aug 07 in the schedule?

  3. @Ramjee, @Thejesh: Hope this motivates you guys to participate in the coming marathons.

    @Sujoy: I am just quoting the original source, I have not verified the information.

  4. i need information about the half marathons in india…and their respective sites as to where i can register.

    I have run two half marathons last year in Dallas and i would want to continue on that in India as well. Pls. help me get as much details as possible.


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