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  1. What’s your reason for living?

    The default answer is that one is already alive and inertia keeps you alive. Hard to refute that.

    A more positive answer is that daily life is enjoyable and thers’s many pleasurable things to look forward to.

    But I suggest don’t try to find a big meaning for life, universe and everything. You’ll end up with 42 or something equally silly.

  2. Wrong question. The right question is “Are you experiencing this moment of being alive without any dissatisfaction?”

  3. I agree with Srid here.

    I’ve found a way out of this “quarter life crisis” myself. The solution is simple – Have fun with whatever you are doing.
    Sometimes its not really possible. Have fun anyway :)

    Srid’s question dovetails well into this thinking. When you are enjoying what you do, there is little time to ask dead-end questions like this ;)

    Incidentally, I came across http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000979.html (Remember, This Stuff Is Supposed To Be Fun) in Srid’s bookmarks. Its a good read.

  4. it comes and goes…the sad thing is that it doesn´t stick enough to remain. My incredibly lovable husband and precious 4-year old son? that´s part of it. but i´m still looking for something else…so much i even feel guilty. Rainy days around here (Guatemala)…hard to think about having fun..with several things i dislike.

  5. Life is about the Journey.

    Whats said is done.

    Find life’s glory in time.
    As you live now, you will begin to tastes its nectar.

    Slowly but surely we evlove to a like mind.
    A voice, an expression of Love explicit in all its glory, as a myriad vibration.

    Dear friend, my reason is my truth. I live for my self that which I express is true.

  6. Reason for Living

    Well everything we are expected to do (by humanity at large) is points towards one things “Progress Of Mankind”. We are trying to contribute to make each others life better. Of course there is no coherence in our actions today and that is what the last but 2 lines of Tinkk is trying to convey. The Next Step to Human Evolution is To Achieve This Mental Coherence.

    “Slowly but surely we evlove to a like mind.
    A voice, an expression of Love explicit in all its glory, as a myriad vibration.”

    In the mean time until the next step…. lets just waste time and try to improve Linux……hehehehehe

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