Urban Development

Around the recent gastroenteritis scare in Bangalore, NDTV was running a poll: Then, there was this whole one hour dedicated to hearing viewpoints from Veerappa Moily, Swathi Ramanathan and the general public regarding Bangalore’s infrastructure. Okay, okay, I know most of you by now are saying “Oh, come on, don’t you have anything else to […]

Pulau Ubin Island

My favorite memories of my Singapore trip is Day 9 (Dec 30 Sun). We went to Pulau Ubin island. What is the only activity on this island? Cycling. It was fun to see people of all ages, from families to large groups of teenagers to avid cyclists all here for the same reason. It reminded […]

Sankranti Rituals

We need more articles like this one by Prof Dr Geetha Viswanathan (emphasis mine): Makara Sankranti, also called the harvest festival or Pongal, falls on January, 14 or 15, when the sun passes from one zodiac sign to another. This festival marks the beginning of Sun’s journey to northern hemisphere, called utharayana. Homes are cleaned, […]

Innovation in Indian universities?

A while ago, I was asking myself Where are the killer applications on the web for India? Today, when I read ReadWriteWeb’s article on The State of Innovation in India, a thought struck me about the relationship between innovation and universities. Everyone knows the story of about how many companies like Yahoo!, Google, Sun Microsystems […]