Useful Websites for India

Like a broken record, I keep coming back to What are the killer web
applications for
I decided to make a list.

A list of websites that are useful for most people in India. But what
kind of websites am I looking at? The website should be something
useful enough to compel a person without internet access to go to
a cybercafe just to access this website

Here’s what I have so far:

Note: The definition of usefulness here is in terms of the concept.
However, these websites are not verified in any sense. There’s no
guarantee that they are good or even trustworthy, but I would encourage
you to check out their services if they are useful. That’s the whole

I’ll keep updating this list as and when I find more such websites.

Update: Added BookMyShow,, MapMyIndia.

Update on 2008 May 15 : Added Handiman

11 thoughts on “Useful Websites for India

  1. @Greenpreneur: Yes, the clean look and the simple usage is what makes RedBus stand out. The “Boss is Watching” section is simply them having fun, similar to their About page.

    @Sangeeta: You’re welcome.

    @Umang: Thanks, added it.

  2. Good to hear good things about redBus. The “boss is watching” section has a simple thought process. Lots of professionals access the site from office. So, usually when your boss walks by, people try to change their screens etc. This link helps you open a document that looks like you’re working on something serious.

  3. @Kausikram: I did use these travel websites sometime back, including and so on. Ultimately, my travel agent got me the best deal and that too one of the better airlines. There was a significant cost difference between what the travel agent booked and these online travel websites.

  4. My mom uses IRCTC all the time when booking for relatives and such. Man does that site suck or what!

    My colleague was using 2 days back and he was very happy too. Prompt customer service they have. BookMyShow is pretty popular in ThoughtWorks I think. I have heard people talk about it.

    I have not seen HungryBangalore. Will go check out.

  5. if you talk about , you must talk about, really fast & everything in a single page.

  6. I have used Redbus and Hungrybangalore. Both of them have a useful service to offer. With redbus I had a problem getting my refund when I cancelled my tickets once but if all is well their delivery process is smooth. has quite a few restaurants in my area and I prefer ordering thru them to save my time and the painful process of calling up someone to place an order.
    I used irctc twice. First time it was good, but when I tried booking a tatkal tkt the next time, the site went down at dot 8:01 :(

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