Technology can be beautiful

This is a pen called “D:Scribe”, a design by Reuben Png and was featured on the Yanko Designs blog: I personally prefer to write with pen and paper. However, I end up eventually transferring it to the computer for all the goodness of digital material (rewritable, linkable, searchable, backup-able, etc.) With this pen, you canContinue reading “Technology can be beautiful”

Why does crowdsourcing work?

Tim O’Reilly’s definition of Web 2.0 makes it clear that “crowdsourcing” is one of the defining features of Web 2.0, not only RIAs: “The service automatically gets better the more people use it.” Crowdsourcing is about taking it to the next step where people ‘contribute’ something to the ‘system’. There are many people and companiesContinue reading “Why does crowdsourcing work?”