What is NDTV’s online strategy?

I wonder if all of these are actually part of some game plan: ndtv.com ndtvtravels.com ndtvgadgets.com ndtvshopping.com ndtvlumiere.com ndtvmovies.com ndtvmusic.com ndtvgoodtimes.com ndtvcooks.com ndtvprofit.com ndtvimagine.com doctorndtv.com cricketndtv.com etc. It looks to me like they’re trying to mimic Network18’s portfolio: ibnlive.com tech20.com storeguru.com buzz18.com cricketnext.com indiwo.com moneycontrol.com jobstreet.com commoditiescontrol.com yatra.com bookmyshow.com compareindia.com etc. The reason why IContinue reading “What is NDTV’s online strategy?”

How about an Indian amateur music album?

My latest “power song” is the flagship song of the Colourblind band. Who are these guys? I have no idea. From what I read on their website, they were/are a couple of rockers who got their album recorded with Sony Music India in 1999. Not sure how many copies they actually sold. They had gotContinue reading “How about an Indian amateur music album?”

Two unofficial traffic rules in India

Ignore all honking. Most of the honking is by nincompoops who want to save 30 seconds in travel but waste away their lives during the rest of the day. Solution: We should ban all horns. It’s purpose has been lost. Reduce the noise pollution, please. Never drive in front of an auto, beside an autoContinue reading “Two unofficial traffic rules in India”