The Sunfeast 10K run

I did the Sunfeast 10K Open
today. I finished in 1 hr
10 min 26 sec. Finally, a timing I am happy about.

Run Maadi Run

Best of all, it was a good run. I didn’t have any of my usual
performance anxiety symptoms, mostly because I made sure that I didn’t
plan or think about the run. I’d just get up late, hurry and reach the
place, just wait to run and hope everything goes well.

I’m thankful that it worked out exactly to a T and it was a good run.
A really feel-good steady-pace run.

I needed an extra boost in the end to bear the searing sun and that
was provided by “Get Up! Go
. Thanks Fatboy Slim!

There were people running for their charities, people running for fun,
people running in costumes, and even people running out of curiosity.
I was running to fight against my off-late tendency to give up easily.

On a different note, I must appreciate how well-organized the entire
event was. After the run, they gave everyone bun and biscuits. It may
not mean much in a normal situation, but after a run, it’s really
important and I was thankful they had thought to this level of detail.

After I came out of the Kanteerava stadium (the start and end point of
the run), I bumped into an old school mate after a really long time.
He looked at me and asked:

Him: Oh so you came for the run?
Me: Yeah
Him: So you completed?
Me: Yeah…
Him: (has the ‘not bad’ look) So how long did you take?
Me: 70 min.
Him: Oh. (face expression changes) I took 90 min. Okay. cya later.

So next time, don’t underestimate that fat people can’t run.

Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it
what you put into it.

— Oprah Winfrey

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7 thoughts on “The Sunfeast 10K run

  1. I also did the run yesterday with a time of 66 minutes . I do not know how much you can trust people who claim great timings as compared to their looks (fat for example) as the chances of bluffing were ample !!


  2. @Mooamba/Pradeep Heh, thanks.

    @Kamath I didn’t understand your sentence in the context of what I had written.

    @Tanvir Thanks!

  3. Hey Swaroop,
    Congrats on completing the 10K. Even I participated in the 10K and I must accept its great fun. I completed it in 80 mins. :)

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