Trekking in Kodachadri

This weekend, one of my long-pending wishes came true: I finally trekked Kodachadri.

Kodachadri is a mountain in the Western Ghats, in Karnataka. It is a famous trekking spot.

On Saturday morning, we reached Nittur, grabbed some breakfast and then proceeded towards Kumble, the starting point of the trek. Right there, I could see clouds playing hide-and-seek among the mountains and I knew it was going to be a good trek.

Kodachadri 07

What I didn’t know was how awesome the 14 km of terrain was going to be. At one moment we would be trudging in the mountain avoiding branches and forcing through thick vegetation, the next moment we would be crossing a stream of water…

Kodachadri 09
Kodachadri 15
Kodachadri 18
Kodachadri 27

… Some time later we would be climbing up very slippery stones right next to flowing water, then suddenly in an open area and then walking along the edge of a cliff while it is raining and then walking in the clouds, literally. This was easily one of the best trekking spots I’ve ever been to, and I was so happy that I finally got to be there. We even got to drench ourselves in a freezing cold waterfall.

Kodachadri 36
Kodachadri 37
Kodachadri 41

Kodachadri 46
Kodachadri 58

We stayed at the government guest house for the night. I didn’t get any sleep because of a broken window which made the howling winds and pounding rain make me feel their force even though we were inside four walls. Also, the combination of freezing cold weather and lack of a sleeping bag made me repeatedly mentally note not to repeat this mistake next time.

I also happened to do enough blood donation to our good ol’ friends – the leeches. I have become so used to them that I was almost completely unbothered by them, even though I have 3-4 bite marks on each leg. There were some new trekkers who were freaked out about the leeches and one of those girls even had nightmares about them that night and cried during her sleep.

Kodachadri 54
Kodachadri 64

On Sunday morning, we climbed up even higher to visit the Sarvajna Peetha where it is said that Sri Shankaracharya had meditated. After paying our respects, we went and sat down on some stones next to the cliff. It was a contrasting feeling to feel good to have scaled the mountain and be sitting on the peak and at the same time experiencing the power of Nature – the winds were blowing so hard that it was difficult to even stand!

We also visited the Ganesha Guha. The guide said that there are tunnels here that go all the way to Kashi and Gokarna! It was a little unbelievable but then again, who knows what the reality was thousands of years ago.

Kodachadri 71

We started our descent and after an hour or so, I saw a remarkable thing. We’ve seen rain and clouds all our lives but to see the rain actually coming out of the clouds was surreal. And more so, when you’re walking around the edge of the mountain and you can’t see the ground below the cliff…

The fierce intermittent rain prevented me from taking snaps, especially when we were seeing the best scenery. In any case, photographs would have never done justice to what we were experiencing.

After we reached Kareghatta, the endpoint of our trek, we travelled to Kollur. Almost immediately, we dived into a hotel and feasted on dosas because we hadn’t had lunch amidst all that 10 km of trekking. Then we prayed at the Mookambika temple and headed back to Bangalore.

I couldn’t stop smiling because it was such a satisfying trek. I guess this was one of the last few trekking spots that I’ve really wanted to visit in Karnataka. Of course, there are hundreds more, but I think I have covered most of the major ones so far.

The rest of the photos are on Flickr. Special thanks to Mr. Chandrasekhar for organizing this trek, and to the guides Aarya and Vijay for taking us through such good routes and keeping us safe.

11 thoughts on “Trekking in Kodachadri

  1. This is freaking amazing dude! Essence of the Kodachadri has been completely captured in the snaps .. can’t resist to trek there. Never knew kollur has such amazing treks.

  2. Looks great.. may be u guys could have tried AneJhari a forest nature camp, its awesome place to be in after trekking..

  3. @PizzaDude Hehe, there has got to be some perks for me for being one of the few people in our gang to remain desi :-P

    @Sudheer Oh, there are lots more! The only problem is getting forest guard permissions and finding guides.

    @Ranganath Hadn’t known about AneJhari… in any case, we like to keep these things low budget :)

  4. The trek seems to be too good.
    But whether it was not difficult to climb during rainy season? please give me few tips regarding the trek since we are also planning the same with our friends

  5. Hi,
    The pics are reallynice. A couple of friends and I are plannin to go for the trek in august. Can you suggest me how to go about it??

  6. Hi Swaroop…..This is sathish from chennai.I am working as Graphic Designer in a software company.I have seen ur blog its awsome.I would like to have some more details of the trekking in detailed…Whom should i have to contact for this trekking….I would be helpfull if you provide me the name, contact numberand e-mail address of the organiser who have arranged this trek.Awaiting for ur reply….Thanks.

  7. this reminded of mine which we had been last year…the moments spent to go to shankaracharya peeta and the moments spent there are etched on my heart…especially the walk through one of the bushes just before the ganeshana guha…… was breathtakingly amazing……..each time i see a write up on kodachadri…i just remind myself and spend those moments again though virtually…planning to visit again in another month or so

  8. hai..
    jus found ur blog very useful…
    wanted to no, when u had been there, i mean the month.. do u think it would be ok to go there by july 10th or so.. since i heard thts the peak of monsoon ther and it would be raining heavily…

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