Cycling on Kanakapura Road

This Sunday morning, Varun and myself started cycling down Kanakapura Road. The direction from Bangalore towards Thalagattapura was generally downhill and we started to enjoy the cycling when we saw good green fields on either side and surprisingly, lessening traffic. It’s always fun for me to cycle to the pounding music of The Chemical Brothers.Continue reading “Cycling on Kanakapura Road”

How attractive is your website?

I was trying to analyze the feedback on my website’s new design. There seems to be a trend that relates their usage of the website with their feedback. While researching on this subject, I found a paper by three people affiliated with the University of Manchester, UK. The paper makes three interesting hypotheses that areContinue reading “How attractive is your website?”

Social networks of yore

I wonder why people consider “social networks” to be a “new thing”. It’s the “rage these days”, they say. Actually, they’ve been around for a while but in a different disguise. Take the case of the Erdos number: In order to be assigned an Erdos number, an author must co-write a mathematical paper with anContinue reading “Social networks of yore”