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I’m such a sucker for good design.

After a couple of years of the nice pop colored theme, I decided to get a new theme, this time by the talented Divya Manian a.k.a. “NimbuPani”.

The main characteristics I was looking for was that the theme should be simple, elegant and functional. And Divya was bang on target.

Three months later, the theme is live. I got eager, so it’s not quite done yet. I’m still tweaking things all over the place.

Update: As always, when there is something new, there will be new glitches. Commenting was broken but it should be working now. Thanks to Manish for alerting me.

19 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. I love the home page! I hate sites with 20,000 blog posts on the homepage. With WordPress’s new features, your blog becomes just one partof your website (albeit the central part). This is absolutely the wayto go.

    Incidentally I had Divya Manian’s open in another windowas I saw your post, which is quite a coincidence.

  2. Super! I like the new design as well as the design of Exactly what I was looking for to remove boredom of the templates provided at work :)

  3. Hi Swaroop,
    I have been a fan of your blog almost for 2 years now. I some how like the old design (will take time to get used to the new interface).

    Good to note that age has changed from ’25’ to ’26’. And I don’t see your punch line “Conning people since…………….”

    Deepak :-)

  4. @Deepak Wow, 2 years! I don’t think even I’ve been reading myself for that long :-P

    Yeah, I really liked the old design, that’s why I had it for so long, but I needed to keep up with the times and needed something more professional-looking :)

    @scorpfromhell Thanks!

  5. Hi, and yeah I tried to comment a couple of times. Hope it works this time.

    I just wanted to say that the new theme is definitely better than the old one and, even if this doesn’t matter, I like wider displays of data to speak in general. Did you consider a larger width theme, or a variable width theme?

    OK, good luck to you. Thanks for writing ABOP, I’m learning Python at the moment and your book is my guide. ;-)

  6. Swaroop,

    I like the old theme better. I was a big fan of the colors. The content of your blog always went with that color, bright, red, proactive, insightful, opiniated etc.
    Difficult for me to take this.
    I like the home page though, simple and elegant.
    Except for the coloring, the new design is good. (i still say the old one rocks).

  7. @Paul Unfortunately, I realized much late in the cycle that it was a fixed-width layout. However, one advantage is that a fixed-width layout means it looks better on all screen sizes.

    @Manoj Thanks!

    @Ramjee Hehe, thanks for the candid feedback. Yes, it does require getting used to do, but there are some reasons for me preferring this new design, which you will know in due time :)

  8. By the way, you need to do a lot of work on your theme. e.g. clicking on the author name in a comment doesn’t take you to the author’s website, thanks to broken URLs. I think if you test this theme you’ll find a lot of issues.

  9. @Manish Can you please provide some specific instances where the author name URL was broken?

    And yes, you’re right about the print stylesheet.

  10. Swaroop, just click on any of the comment author’s website. It’s adding the following to their URL:


    Nice theme though, I think I should think of a change as well!

  11. @Swap @Manish @Arky Whoa! That’s a glaring bug. I disabled the WP-Identicon plugin and it’s all working now. Unfortunately, this does not happen when a user is logged in, that’s why I never came across this before.

    @Devadutta The secret of my success: Find ’em and pay ’em ;-)

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