Ideas are Cheap : Better email

I was just browsing through this paper on "Generating summary keywords for emails using topics" and was fascinated by its usefulness, especially because it "selects words that describe each message in the context of existing topics rather than simply selecting keywords based on a single message in isolation." Imagine if we had a smart email … Continue reading Ideas are Cheap : Better email

How to make a website

When making a website, there are simply *so* many aspects to consider. I've been gathering some useful links and information on the same, right from How to Evaluate a new Product Idea to choosing color schemes. I've put all of these links together into a Website Making Howto on my wiki.

Book updated for Python 3.0

After a gap of 3.5 years, I've finally updated the ['A Byte of Python' book]( The interesting news is that it is updated for the [upcoming Python 3.0 language]( making it probably the first book to be _released_ for Python 3.0. The book is now a wiki too at []( which means [you can contribute]( too!