Politicians should have a retirement age

If there’s one thing that I wish could change in India, I would vote for having a retirement age for politicians.

When there is a concept of retirement for many other careers like engineers, bankers, CEOs, etc. why shouldn’t the same apply for politicians?

If the reason for a retirement age in the private sectors is that the capacity to contribute becomes lesser, the same applies for politics. If the reason is that they should have a relaxed retirement life, the same applies for politics.

If the old people retire, it will give a chance for younger people with fresher perspectives to come in (with the hope that ‘remote control’ possibilities will be minimal), and at the same time the bureaucracy gets refreshed more often with lesser influence by the older people.

Of course, I know it’ll never happen, because the law would have to be passed by the very same people whose careers will be shortened.

2 thoughts on “Politicians should have a retirement age

  1. I don’t know if that will ever happen. Politics means power and power-hungry politicians don’t retire that easily. This country is the same. Politicians of the old communist rule were still the ones that ended up having most power in their hands under the new rule. Old politicians don’t just disappear.

  2. We want a law implemented that whose age is more than seventy years will not be able to contest election for MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT(Lok Sabha) …

    We are going for peaceful march in JANTAR MANTAR in new delhi on 14th FEBUARY 2009 at 11 A.M..

    I hope i will get all your support.And if possible i can get in touch with NGO who can help us in our endevor.

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