Announcing my free book on Vim

Today is the first day of, and on this occasion, I’m happy to announce the first public release of my Creative-Commons licensed book on the Vim 7 editor.

This book is meant for both beginners and advanced users.

For beginners, it walks you through the first steps to learning about modes, discusses about typing skills to be effective and moves on to the editing basics.

This book will definitely appeal more to people who are Vim users already because it helps add a huge number of tricks to their arsenal, whether it is more efficient editing, personal information management, coding your own plugins or making Vim a programmers’ editor.

I hope that fellow Vimmers will find these notes useful. Even though it is in a book format, the writing style is more like a tutorial and is informal, which should be familiar to readers of my Python book.

Both books are under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, so you’re free to download it, email it, share it and improve it. In fact, the book is on a wiki, so you can just click on ‘Edit’ in the left sidebar of any chapter to improve the book in a matter of seconds. When in doubt, please use the ‘Discussion’ link to add your suggestions and comments.

For those who prefer reading books they can hold in their hand, please consider purchasing a printed copy of the book. This will also help support the continued development of the book.

For those PHP gurus familiar with GeSHi syntax highlighting, I would greatly appreciate any help in improving my vim syntax highlighting source, especially in handling Vim-style comments, etc. Please mail me if you can help.

This book has been in the works for several years, so I’m glad to see it finally in good enough shape for releasing it. Although I haven’t done as many rewrites as I would have been satisfied with, I decided it was better to <insert cliché of “Release Early, Release Often.”>

I dedicate this release to and GTD principles.

18 thoughts on “Announcing my free book on Vim

  1. Cool.. I hope this book really takes off like your python book. We need drastic step like these to overpower those emacs hippies :P (just kidding ofcourse.. not starting a flame war on your blog)

  2. Wishing you lots of good luck for your new book…
    Wishing that it will also get translated and become very
    usefull to all wanting to learn VIM…

  3. Cool Swaroop… I once came across this site and was hooked in a sense, now i’m a regular.. but this is my first comment. The Python book i thought was a cool nerd gesture. But a 2nd one, that too on Vim.. i love it. Superb effort buddy. Keep going !

  4. Wonderful! This was one most-required-book. I was a vim user for the past years, but never have seen these much of facilities inside that! Thanks for the Book, Swaroop!

  5. @Aswin Nice, please do chip in with your feedback and comments.

    @Girish, @Azmi Thanks :)

    @Amith Hehe, thanks :)

    @Hiran Nice to hear that!

    @Sunil LOL!

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