Why use Creative Commons license?

Many people have asked me on why I released my Vim book under a Creative Commons license instead of getting it published. (1) First of all, I did try to talk to publishers, hoping that I would convince them to release the book simultaneously under a free license as well as a printed version (whichContinue reading “Why use Creative Commons license?”

It is not obvious how to make money online

Execution is one aspect of making an idea successful, I would say the other is having a business model. And the latter is very hard as well. Why? Because it is not obvious how to make money online, especially in India. The obvious way would be to have freemium models such as Flickr and 37Continue reading “It is not obvious how to make money online”

How Fresh Graduates Can Grow

As a small experiment, I had put up a skribit sidebar where anybody can suggest what I can write about. Little did I know that it would actually be used seriously. Someone posted the topic “On how fresh graduates can learn independently and grow. Instead of waiting for the Company to help” and today, thereContinue reading “How Fresh Graduates Can Grow”

What product creation should be about

I just finished reading “Subject To Change: creating great products and services for an uncertain world”. This book is written by Adaptive Path, the same guys who invented the words “blog” and “ajax”, as well as creators of the Aurora browser concept. It has been a revelatory book for me, a developer who considers himselfContinue reading “What product creation should be about”