Tadiyandamol Again

Eleven of us went trekking to Tadiyandamol. We ended up trekking more than 25 km on day 1, literally walking in the clouds, pitching our own tents, and braving the winds during the night. All in all, a beautiful place, awesome company and a memorable sunrise made it a great weekend.

Let's talk about future of webapp development at BCB8

I quickly (read as “hastily”) put together this short presentation for a discussion session at the upcoming Barcamp. The question is “With the advent of cloud computing, cloud databases, RIAs, APIs, etc., are web developers and their frameworks evolving and keeping up with the times?” Are WebDevs and their Frameworks keeping up with the times?Continue reading “Let's talk about future of webapp development at BCB8”

Ideas are Cheap : Kannada Word Lists

Continuing the “Ideas are Cheap” series, here’s another simple idea that I would personally find very useful but would be difficult to execute in terms of content. These days I’m finding it hard to read Kannada newspapers because my vocabulary is clearly lacking, and consequently I would probably never get to read novels by KannadaContinue reading “Ideas are Cheap : Kannada Word Lists”

What's your vision for Bengaluru?

The ABIDe, i.e. Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure and Development Task Force (setup by the current government) is working on a roadmap for development of Bengaluru along with deadlines and regular 100-day monitoring, etc. The comprehensive reports are available in PDF format on a public website with even discussion forums (although the forums have poor participation).Continue reading “What's your vision for Bengaluru?”

Why Stack Overflow is useful

In one of my previous thoughts, I had mentioned about a website called “Stack Overflow” in passing. I’m surprised that many people do not know or use this resource and community. Just a brief search over there would answer so many questions that programmers have. For example, there is a suggestion on my skribit page:Continue reading “Why Stack Overflow is useful”