From Google Reader to MyAlltop

About six months ago, I had stopped reading all RSS feeds because I wasn’t managing my information input well. Over the past few months I was slowly creeping back into the same RSS habit and I didn’t like it. The biggest problem for me was seeing that unread count number*. It was intimidating and IContinue reading “From Google Reader to MyAlltop”

What's in a name, indeed?

Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009. Vikram has written an interesting post on whether the name of a brand matters which got me thinking. I don’t think it’s that simple. I believe that Company name doesn’t matter. Product name matters. This is because the product’s name is not justContinue reading “What's in a name, indeed?”

Thought for the Day

I had grown up among engineers, and I could remember the engineers of the twenties very well indeed: their open, shining intellects, their free and gentle humor, their agility and breadth of thought, the ease with which they shifted from one engineering field to another, and, for that matter, from technology to social concerns andContinue reading “Thought for the Day”

Where to find startup jobs in India?

If you want to find out what jobs are available in startups in India, then there are myriad resources to check: VentureWoods ‘coffee’ forum ecosystem section Hello Intern Sutra Jobs Indian Jobs board at ‘Joel On Software’ Barcamp Mumbai Startup Jobs section NEN Startup Jobs section Startup Lunches, part of Startup DuniaContinue reading “Where to find startup jobs in India?”

Mobile phone is half the PC

Prof. Sadagopan has an interesting take on how the mobile phone is evolving and how he views its relationship with the PC: In the GSMA World Congress in Barcelona during Feb 16-19, 2009, Acer (the laptop manufacturer) launched four (mobile) handsets under the brand name “Tempo” Last week Nokia talked of linux-based Laptops to beContinue reading “Mobile phone is half the PC”