Where to find startup jobs in India?

If you want to find out what jobs are available in startups in India, then there are myriad resources to check:

Are there other resources that should be on this list? Please let me know in the comments.

There are other questions I’m wondering as well:

  • Which are the popular places followed by the startuppers who are looking to hire interns, freshers and experienced people?
  • For passionate students/freshers who want to work in startups, where do they start? Should they just apply via these sites or should they first do in-person networking at OpenCoffeeClub, Startup Saturday and similar meeting grounds first?

Update: Another tip is finding which startups got funding recently.

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14 thoughts on “Where to find startup jobs in India?

  1. Totally unrelated to what you’re talking about, well maybe not totally, but why would anyone (especially a fresher) want to “work” for a startup? Most Indian startups (afaik, please correct me if I’m wrong) don’t give you stock, and given that they’re starting up, can’t pay you much, and given that there’s a high probability that the founders are the usual unconference-attending tweeting managing clueless PHB, it just doesn’t make sense. And this isn’t some insight I have, it’s something which is obvious to freshers and others too, so you find startups founded by people who can’t code looking for the oooh-la-la of the programming crowd and finally settling for the random monkeys who couldn’t find jobs anywhere else, these are the types who are being “trained” to be become programmers in 3 months, after having learnt nothing in the 3 or 4 years of college they just finished.

    I had a point I was trying to make, but I can’t remember it. But it felt good to rant. Have a nice day! :)

  2. @Roshan Matthews

    You are correct. Most Indian startups don’t give you stock, and given that they’re starting up, can’t pay you much, and given that there’s a high probability that the founders are the usual unconference-attending tweeting managing clueless PHB, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s all true.

    But, it is not the case that people are not looking to work in start-ups. I am a college student and I am looking for a start-up that I can work with. It’s not about the money, it’s more about the work experience. (That might be the case with me, I am a first year student at IIT Kharagpur and I am searching for an internship where I can apply my programming/web developing skills).

    But yes, even I don’t understand why would freshers want to work in one?

  3. Roshan – nice link that ;-) (the one u supplied for your web site)

    The simple reasons why Indian startups suck is because most of them are lifestyle businesses pretending to be tech startups. One good way to figure out if they are not is to look at the background of the founders. The ones with MBA’s heading it (even if they have a technical background) are a no-no. This pretty much eliminates most companies. Add to this the usual Indian problems like feudal attitudes, groupism, inexperience etc. Again to repeat myself, most indian startups,including ones that are ultra-cool exist to enrich owners alone – it’s just not very apparent if you are familiar with them. These guys have figured out how to make money hand over fist while running a ‘pretend’ business – they know that there are enough fools out there who can’t resist the lure of working on RoR or python.

  4. @Roshan @Siddharth The kind of people who would want to work in a startup are the kind who want that kind of experience so that they can start their own someday, or want to have the rush of being a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

    @Malleshwaram Choose a startup like you would choose a big company – if you can’t decide whether it is a good place to work, you are in trouble anyway.

    @Pranav: Thanks for the pointer.

  5. i feel indian startups doesnt work in some core technologies.. for example i havent seen any good startup which works in network domain.. or for that matter any domain, most of them are just a web based startups…. my 2 cents

  6. @Malleshwaram

    If people think that startups are all about lava lamps and hip dinning , sorry dude, they missed the 1999 boat. Fast forward 2009, the world has a new sense of fruglaisim and wisdom.

  7. (Mostly on Roshan’s views) The exasperation & disgust across the thread is evident – this is coming from a 40+ guy – surprised? Perhaps there is no other field of engineering where the ‘management’ component takes over the ‘technology’ piece – perhaps if you read ‘Dreaming in Code’ should enlighted you a shade. Making Money and Coding are two different tracks and we have no option but to accept that.

  8. The Key Point is finding a startup with some passionate people behind it working on something innovative. Future Prospects of a strat up depend on the stratup team and the people who share the vision. In that respect money takes a back seat and responsibility along with freedom of power takes u along.

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